The American Honey Producers Association (AHPA) is an organization with over 550 members that are people just like you, beekeepers making their living from the production of honey.

The AHPA is dedicated to promoting the common interest and general welfare of every American honey producer.  From the backyard beekeeper to large commercial beekeeping, whether you run 1 to 2 hives or 80,000 hives, the AHPA pledges to work to improve the future of beekeeping for all.

The American Honey Producers Association has a strong reputation of successful performance on many national beekeeping and trade issues. Our members work with all levels of government to help advance the interest and economics of the American beekeeper. The leadership of the AHPA works diligently to take care of your needs on national and international front lines while you are out in the field working your bees.

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Examples of AHPA work in D.C.:

  • Farm Programs such as ELAP and NAP
  • Disaster Payments
  • Standard of Identity for Honey
  • Honey Labeling
  • Pesticide Issues
  • Anti-Dumping and Adulteration of Honey
  • Funding for USDA-ARS Bee Research Labs
  • Federal Extension Apiary Program